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Agnipoolu - Part 16: Prithvi, Viren unable to trace Parvati | Swamidass knows Dr. Madhavi is sheltering Parvati | Rift grows between Viren, Raju

Parvati left the house after knowing about the cruel nature of Swamidass in destroying the whole life of Govindji. Raju, unable to do anything, informs Viren about his mother leaving the house suddenly without telling the reason or the whereabouts of her destination. She informs Viren that Parvati did not take even phone or clothes with her while leaving. Viren becomes tense hearing this and leaves the office immediately. He reaches home and goes direct to the room of Swamidass and asks him about all this. Swamidass replies very harshly and tells that he has nothing to answer to all his questions. He tells him to ask all those questions to his mother when he finds her because it is she who has left the house. So, Viren goes out in search of his mother.

Neelaveni is much worried about Prithvi. She messages to his phone to enquire whether he took meals as her mother is pressuring her to take meals. When she did not receive any reply, she tries to call him and finds that his phone is switched off. Krishnamurthy comes to her room to see whether she took meals or not. Neelu tells him that Prithvi's phone is switched off and she is in much tension to know about his safety and mental condition. She tells him that she will go and see at his old residence whether he is there and safe as she knows that he likes that old residence more than anything. She assures Krishnamurthy that she will not disturb him, simply see him from distance and come back. When she reaches the building, she recognises the car and thanks God that Prithvi is there. She goes in and finds him sleeping on his bed and feels happy. Then she comes down and finds the tea wala who used to serve them food when she and Prithvi spent their days there. She gives him money and instructs him to supply food and tea to Prithvi during his stay there without disturbing him. She gives her phone number also to him so that he can call to her if any urgency.

Swamidass, who left his house in a tense mood on Viren's questioning him, goes to his guest house and instructs the keeper there not to disturb him at any cost. Various doubts were torturing his mind. He is unable to bear the fact that he had married an already mother to a child. He even doubts whether the child was dead or it is another lie from Parvati's mouth. He can no longer trust her. He thinks she had been pretending to be a good wife to him while she was actually attached emotionally to Govindji all through these years. His doubt goes on Prithvi also. How could Govindji in jail become master to Prithvi? Whether there is some other relationship between Prithvi and Govindji? His mind is bursting with all these confusing thoughts and he thinks of clarifying his doubt from Prithvi. So, he goes to Krishnamurthy house for Prithvi. But, Prithvi is not there. Krishnamurthy wanted to know his intention in coming for Prithvi and in their arguments, both of them get irritated and enraged at each other. Krishnamurthy loudly shouts and accuses Swamidass for all that happened leading to Parvati leaving him. But, Swamidass blames Krishnamurthy for this and gives him warning not to interfere in personal matters of his life before leaving from there. Neelu was returning from outside and overheard their conversation and she along with her mother wanted to know the cause of their quarrel. But, Krishnamurthy didn't tell anything.

Prithvi is very happy to know that Neelaveni came for him during day time and instructed the tea wala to look after him when he came to serve the meals at evening. He messages to her expressing his love. Neelu becomes glad to see his message and reciprocates.

Veeraswamy bursts upon Swamidass for leaving the home and spending out time somewhere else without searching for Parvati by calling to him from Rajyalakshmi's mobile and instructs him to immediately return to the house and discuss matters so that they can find some solution to the problem. So, Swamidass returned back and next morning he sets out again after entrusting the care of the house and all people in the hands of Rajyalakshmi until his return. Veeraswamy thinks that Swamidass is going to bring back Parvati and tells him to go to Suravaram as Parvati will be there according to his estimation.

Prithvi gets up early morning and thinks of visiting his mother Parvati as he feels missing her. By the time he reaches Swamidass house, Swamidass had already left. He meets Raju and Veeraswamy in the hall and greets them. Viren also comes down and feels happy to see Prithvi. When he asks about Parvati, Veeraswamy replies that she has gone to Suravaram to enjoy there for some days. Prithvi becomes disappointed at this. Raju informs him about the return of ACP, telling that she herself has invited him to return back to reinstate him in his old position. Prithvi feels happy for it and returns home.

Sameer gets the news of ACP's return through his men. He gets a bit worried at the news and feels the need to be careful from henceforth in his actions. He greets ACP over phone and invites him to have a cup of coffee with him. ACP is clever enough to see through Sameer's mind and takes it as an opportunity to give a jolt to him. He tells that it is Rajyalakshmi who invited him even before issue of proper transfer orders. And that she had invited him to completely eradicate crimes from this region. After ACP left from there, Sameer happens to see Prithvi when he was returning from Swamidass house to Krishnamurthy's house. He thinks of playing some tricks to satisfy his cruel mentality. So he sends a garland with a message to adore the garland to Govindji's photo. Prithvi reads the message and throws the garland into the garbage on road in a rage. Sameer already thinks of it and smiles wickedly within himself.

Swamidass reached Suravaram and comes to know that Parvati is not there. But he is of confidence that she will definitely return to that place after her anger subdues as there is no other shelter for her. He waits till night but Parvati does not return. His thoughts and doubts are hunting and torturing him and he goes on drinking. He feels that Prithvi and Govind relationship is somewhat more than he might be knowing. Otherwise why Govind should take so much care of Prithvi by educating and making him a great lawyer. He immediately connects to Prithvi who was sleeping. Prithvi awakes and after thinking for some time, connects to the call. But, by then, Swamidass realises his foolishness in calling to Prithvi thinking that if he does not know anything, then it would be much embarrassing and humiliating for himself. So, he disconnects the call and thinks of doing something else to know the facts.

Meanwhile, Rajyalakshmi is very anxious and worried for Parvati and request Veeraswamy to call to Swamidass and know whether she was in Suravaram. Veeraswamy talks to Swamidass and comes to know that she has not reached there. He feels very depressed and sits helpless praying to God. Raju and Viren are also too much worried. Raju tells that she is confident that Parvati must be in Suravaram, but Swamidass may not be searching for her with full heart. So, proposes that they should also go there and search for her. Just then, Prithvi enters there to talk with Rajyalakshmi. He and Krishnamurthy had met ACP Chowdhary and discussed about the cunning and wicked nature of Sameer. They decided to catch Sameer red-handed. For this, ACP should get full police powers without any pressures from top administration. So, Prithvi came to Raju to get her help in obtaining powers to ACP.

But, Raju and others are very sorrowful when Prithvi arrived there. After repeated requests from Prithvi to Veeraswamy, Viren and Rajyalakshmi, they tell him about Parvati leaving the house and they are worried knowing that she is not present in Suravaram also. So, Veeraswamy requests Prithvi to go along with Viren to Suravaram to search for her. Prithvi gladly accepts the request as he himself is much worried for her. Prithvi informs to Neelu that he is going along with Viren to Suravaram and not to worry for him till his return. By the time they reach Suravaram house, Swamidass is out on search for Parvati at their old college and other places. Viren calls to his father and informs him about his arrival there. Swamidass immediately returns and asks Viren why he had arrived there. Just then, he notices that Prithvi is also there. He enquires why he too is there. Prithvi tells that Veeraswamy sent him as an aid to Viren. Swamidass immediately asks them to return back and look after Veeraswamy, as Parvati is not there in Suravaram and he himself is enough to search for her whereabouts. So, they had to return back disappointedly. Veeraswamy scolds Swamidass over phone and warns him that if anything happens to Parvati, he will never see his face again nor the children will forgive him.

Prithvi is much worried about Parvati and wants to trace her whereabouts more sincerely. He remembers that Rajyalakshmi was present when Parvati was getting into the auto. He expects that she must be remembering the auto number with the help of which they can trace where did she get down from auto and from there he can enquire through other means. So, he immediately calls to Viren and asks him to get that auto number and the driver. Rajyalakshmi is able to remember only the last two digits of the number and informs the same to Viren. Viren sends all his men to trace the auto and inform him immediately.

Meanwhile, Swamidass reflects upon his old memories and gets the image of an SI who was part of the circumstances that lead to the trap of Govindji into lifetime jail sentence. He immediately goes to his house in that village but finds some tenants residing in that house. They inform Swamidass that Ramabrahmam, the SI does not live there, but lives somewhere else and they deposit the monthly rent into his bank account. Swamidass takes the account number from them and traces the SI's Bangalore address with the help of that number. He calls to his goons at Bangalore and informs them to catch that SI and bring him to his Guest house in Bangalore telling them that he is arriving there very soon.

The goons at Bangalore reach the house informed by Swamidass and enquire for him with his wife. She tells them that he went out on some urgent work and may return very late in the night. So, the goons decide to wait for him at a distance and catch him on his arrival. Meanwhile, Swamidass reaches Bangalore after telling his father that he is going to Delhi on his party high command's orders and it may take some time in his return. He requested Rajyalakshmi to take care of house till his return. Rajyalakshmi begins to doubt. She senses that there is something wrong between Parvati and Swamidass. That is why Parvati told her to take care of Viren and Veeraswamy as she is leaving them now. Raju took it very lightly at that time. But now she feels that it was decided by Parvati never to return again into that house. Swamidass is also not worried for Parvati which is evident from his escapism. It confirms that a wide gap took place between their relationships.

Rajyalakshmi decides to talk with Swamidass and ask him why he is doing so. But Swamidass does not lift the phone. The ring continues for long and the computer message informs Raju in Kannada language that the person is unable to take her call. Rajyalakshmi gets surprised at the Kannada message. She tells Viren that his father has not gone to Delhi but to Bangalore. Viren gets angry at her for doubting and belittling his father. He insults her for telling him false allegations on his father. But, Raju gets the passengers lists of all flights to Delhi on that day and proves to Viren that she is not lying, but is worried at all these incidents. Now, Viren realises her good motive behind it and tells that he will do whatever he can to bring back Parvati and reconcile the differences if any between his father and mother. Raju feels happy and thanks Viren.

The goons waiting for Ramabrahmam see him returning to house at night and catch him. But, while going with them, he comes to know that he is being taken to Swamidass waiting in the guest house. He gets frightened at the name of Swamidass, as he will definitely kill him for bringing up Govind's son secretly for some days and then entrusting him to Govind master in the jail as per the request of Parvati's mother. So, when the vehicle was passing through a road under bridge, he pushes one of the goons out and immediately jumps out himself and runs away. The goons could not get him and report the matter to Swamidass. Swamidass bursts upon them and tells them to go again to his house and catch him as he will definitely reach his house for the sake of his family. By the time the goons reach again to their place, the SI escapes from there along with his wife telling her that the goons will kill them if caught and that their children can be taken from the school on their way.

Meanwhile, the men of Viren trace out the auto driver who took Parvati in his auto and bring them to Viren. Viren comes to know from him that she has been dropped at airport. Rajyalakshmi using her influence again gets the lists of passengers of all flights around that time and Parvati's name is found in one of the lists of a flight to Bangalore. Then Rajyalakshmi recollects from her memory that Parvati used to send a draft for Rs.25,000 every month to an orphanage name Mamta Sharanalaya in Bangalore. She tells the same to Viren, Prithvi and Veeraswamy present there. So, Viren and Prithvi decide to go there and search for Parvati immediately.

Rajyalakshmi instructs ACP choudhary to immediately arrest Sameer as his bail period is coming to end. ACP tells that if the truck driver and others also get traced, it would have been better. But, Rajyalakshmi tells him to arrest him first and then she will look to it that he will not escape punishment this time at any cost. She tells him that they should make India a good place by eliminating all criminal elements one by one from the society as early as possible.

Prithvi and Viren reached Bangalore and visit 'Mamta ashram' orphanage. Prithvi recollects his childhood memories on seeing the place and its surroundings and gets much disturbed. Viren watches this disturbance, but Prithvi covers it. The manager tells Viren about his mother's greatness and praises her nobleness and generosity and tells Viren that he is much fortunate to be her son. They come to know that Parvati is not there from his conversations as he himself is waiting for her arrival to inaugurate the new building. Viren and Prithvi get disappointed at this. Viren informs Veeraswamy that Parvati is not there and Veeraswamy also feels much depressed on hearing this. But Prithvi consoles him telling that he and Viren will stay there till she is found as it is confirmed that Parvati came to Bangalore by flight.

Sammer receives information from his party leader Krishnaiah that ACP is coming to arrest him with warrant and if he gets arrested, Rajyalakshmi will never let him come out from the jail this time. The information was leaked through the driver of ACP by offering money. So, by the time ACP arrived there, Sameer escaped from his guest house and ACP had to return empty handed. The ACP informed this to Rajyalakshmi and she asks him to try to trace his whereabouts.

Prithvi is much disturbed and agitated as he is unable to recollect his childhood incidents clearly. So, he tells Viren that he wants to see the orphanage and its surroundings once again for his satisfaction. Viren offers to accompany him but stays back in the rest house realising that Prithvi may like to be alone for some time. When Prithvi is out, Viren becomes irritated at his father for not talking to him at least once
over phone. He himself connects his phone and questions the indifference attitude of his father towards himself or regarding the whereabouts of Parvati. He tells him that he knows about his Delhi journey as a lie and he is actually in Bangalore and hates him for telling such lies.

Prithvi, while wandering around the orphanage to recollect his childhood, notices a lady doctor of the ashram passing by and meets her introducing himself as Prithvi, the orphan child who spent his whole childhood there and that he can recognise her. He tells her that he has come along with Viren in search of his mother. He further informs her that he is now lawyer Prithvi Teja, the most sought brilliant lawyer of all people which he attributes to his getting education and all guidance from a great teacher in the jail named Govind master. On hearing that name, the Doctor Madhavi gets shocked and begins recollecting all the story that she had been told to by Parvati's mother and her taking promise from the doctor not reveal the truth that Prithvi is Parvati's child to anybody including Parvati. Dr. Madhavi tells Prithvi that she will inform if she gets any information regarding Parvati and leaves from there to avoid him.

On knowing about Viren's anger and hate towards him, Swamidass returns to his room in the Bangalore Hotel and comes to know that Prithvi has gone out just now. So, he narrates all that happened between himself and Parvati till their marriage and about Govind being put into jail by Parvati's own parents. He asserts to Viren that he had only loved Parvati and if he had not informed her about Govind being in jail, it is not a crime as every male will do the same thing to retain his love life. He accuses Parvati of keeping Govindji's image and love even after so many years in her heart and leaving him because of his not telling the truth to her and for ruining Govind's entire life. He further tells Viren that he is a male and his ego cannot bear the fact that somebody else was in Parvati's life prior to him. So, he seeks pardon from Viren as he can not bring back to him his mother as he is completely broken now after such a great insult and pain to his heart from Parvati.

Prithvi returned from orphanage to Hotel while Swamidass was talking with Viren and heard all that is told by Swamidass to Viren. Swamidass noticed Prithvi while leaving from Viren, but went away silently. Viren sees Prithvi and enquires whether he heard all that has been told by his father. He further asks Prithvi whether he knew about the relationship between Govindji and Parvati. Prithvi tells him that he came to know only before Govindji's death from his own mouth. Then Viren becomes depressed that Prithvi hided everything from him even after knowing about all this. He thinks that Prithvi deceived him just like Parvati deceived his father. Prithvi tries to console him by telling that Parvati has done nothing wrong as her actions were the result of suddenly seeing Govindji in a miserable condition and that too because of Swamidass not informing her about his being put into jail for his whole life all through these years. But Viren tells Prithvi that he believes that his father is also right in not telling Parvati about Govind's whereabouts, because no man can bear his wife thinking about her ex-lover and worry for him even after marriage. Viren now feels that there is no use in searching for his mother after hearing all this story and leaves from there alone as Prithvi wanted to stay there.

Viren who is immersed in his confusing thoughts, hears the ringing of bells from a large temple and heads to the temple. Parvati was staying only in that temple with the help of Dr. Madhavi who arranged for her stay in that temple as she wanted to be alone and avoid being noticed by any of her relatives or others. Madhavi just a while ago informed Parvati about Prithvi, Viren and Swamidass reaching the Mamta orphanage searching for her. Parvati was worried on hearing this and she prays to God to give peace and protection to her and to forgive her sins. Viren reaches the temple and begins questioning God for all these unwanted incidents taking place in his family. Parvati was away into her room of the temple for eating the prasad of tamarind rice. The priest tells Viren that God will not answer his questions. He is there to only to give relief to his pains and to give strength in facing all problems and worries of life. Viren, then, requests the God to solve all these problems and unite his mother and father again as before. Then he sits there for some time. Parvati was just behind a pillar by his side washing plates, but they could not see each other. A flower gets floated from the shrine towards his hand and he takes it wondering how it reached him. Then he places it on a small pillar there and returns back. Neither he nor Parvati knew that they were so nearer to each other there.

Prithvi thinks of visiting the orphanage once again and starts to go out from his room. But, Swamidass stops him to clear his doubts. He asks Prithvi why he is so much worried and eager to trace out Parvati. Prithvi tells that it is just humanity and questions Swamidass why he did not ask this question when he was so much tense for Swamidass himself and wanted to take up his case and get bail for him. Then Swamidass enquires him whether he knew everything about Govindji's life. Prithvi answers that he came to know all about Govindji through his own mouth before his death. Then Swamidass wanted to know about Prithvi's opinion about him after knowing all these things. Prithvi says that he can not completely understand about him, but one thing is certain that he has done much wrong to Parvati by not telling her about Govindji's existence and that too in jail. This shows how selfish and cruel he has been. Swamidass could not bear Prithvi's words and felt it as an insult and begins to hate Prithvi from then onwards.

Swamidass goons caught that SI, Ramabrahmam and brought him to Swamidass. Swamidass hits him on the face with rage for escaping from him and enquires about Govindji. He asks him to tell the truth regarding how the child reached Govindji and how did Govind escape from jail. Ramabrahmam replies that he does not know anything except that Govindji had been shifted from Suravaram jail to Vijayawada jail after 5 years. From there he could have been shifted again to Hyderabad (Cherlapally) jail. That is what all he could know about him and swears on his family. So, Swamidass releases him, but tells his goons to keep full watch on him and his family as he is hiding truth from him. Ramabrahmam knows that Swamidass will not kill him as long as he holds the secret within him. But he is worried for his family and wants to escape from there to a safer place along with family. He tells his wife to be calm and controlled so that he can plan for their escape in due course after the goons get relaxed in his matter.

Prithvi went to the orphanage and spent some time there watching the surroundings and preventing a quarrel between two children for a ball by making them play together with that single ball. He donated some money for the orphanage to distribute sweets and informed the manager that from next month he will be contributing some money to the orphanage. He wanted to meet with Dr. Madhavi but she was not there. So, informs her over phone that he is going now and requests her to inform him immediately whenever she gets some information about Parvati. When he reached the Hotel back, Swamidass had already left from there to his own prior abode at Bangalore. So, he also starts from there to his house informing Neelaveni over phone that he is coming back.

Viren reached home and spends time lonely worrying for his fate as he could not see his mother and father together again. Rajyalakshmi tries to give moral support to him but he does not feel comfort with her. He keeps himself aloof from her and does not even take food. Veeraswamy also does not get sleep and spends worrying that Parvati is not found even after so much search for her. At the strike of midnight alarm by the wall clock, he goes to see whether Raju and Viren took food or not and finds Rajyalakshmi sitting on the staircase depressedly. When he enquires, she points to Viren's room and Veeraswamy finds him drinking in the room. Viren tries to hide the glass but Veeraswamy tells he had already seen it and asks him whether alcohol provides so much relief to him that he can forget all worries. Viren feels sorry and tells he could not bear the pain after knowing that his mother can never return to the house again. Then Veeraswamy becomes tense and asks to clarify it. Viren weeps and narrates everything that was told to him by his father about Parvati's old love story and that Swamidass can never accept her again as his wife now. After narrating all this, Viren weeps like a child and sleeps in the lap of Veeraswamy. Rajyalakshmi also breaks down and weeps a lot for both Viren and Parvati. She sleeps on the staircase itself after weeping a lot. Veeraswamy for a while thinks that he cannot live any more in that house and decides to pack his luggage. But, then he remembers Viren's condition and feels that it is not the right time to leave the house.

Prithvi reached home at 4'0 clock in the morning. Neelaveni welcomes him happily but he is indifferent because of his depressed mood. He goes into the bathroom and weeps a lot. After controlling himself, he takes the bath and comes out, just when Neelaveni was talking to one of her colleagues. She tells Prithvi that her colleague is telling her to join duty as they are missing her. Neelu further tells that she likes to do something more to serve the society besides mere news reading job. Then Prithvi suggests her to resign from the channel and join his father so that she can become a news reporter which can be a great service to public. Neelaveni becomes very happy hearing his suggestion and thanks him.

Swamidass wants to trace the truth of any existence of Parvati's child. He again goes to Dr. Madhavi and tries to get information from her. But, Madhavi knew his intentions that he will definitely kill the grown up child now if she reveals to him about his existence. She tells him again and again that whatever Parvati had told him is the only truth and he should have talked to her only regarding this matter and that she could not help him anything in this matter. Swamidass gets confirmed that she will not tell anything to him and so goes away from there much disappointed.

Veeraswamy gives emotional support to Viren and tells him that he should try to recover from his depressed state of mind accepting facts of life. He should learn to be balanced at both conditions of happy and sad moments of life. He tells him that it is the way of life and he should learn to live along with those pains and pleasures. Then, he asks Rajyalakshmi to not to worry for Viren and give him some days to recover. He asks Rajyalakshmi to look after her party work and social work which is also of much importance. Veeraswamy further calls to Swamidass and tells him to come home quickly if he does not want to lose him also like Parvati.

Neelaveni goes to channel and submits her resignation letter as one month prior notice is necessary and tells her colleagues to spend the time with her merrily during these 30 days instead of keeping sad.

After dropping Neelu at channel, Prithvi goes to Viren's house to meet Veeraswamy and others. Viren does not like Prithvi repeatedly telling him to think from Parvati's mind also instead of hating and blaming her. He hurts Prithvi saying that if he would have born to Parvati, then he could have realised how much blunder Parvati has committed by leaving the house deserting Swamidass and others. Viren further tells Prithvi never again to bring the topic of Parvati before him as he is an outsider and has no right to discuss his family matters. He asks Prithvi to go away from there. So, Prithvi returns much hurt with wet eyes.

Rajyalakshmi enquires ACP Chowdhary whether he was able to trace any clues regarding whereabouts of Sameer. ACP tells that Sameer is too smart to leave any clues. Then Rajyalakshmi advises him to spread the news of his disappearance even after the expiry of his bail period through newspapers and TV channels and declare him as one of the most wanted criminals, so that he will surrender himself in fear of defamation. Sameer was viewing TV and sees his disappearance appearing in the news and feels much frustrated to know he is being listed as a most wanted criminal.

Swamidass thought of leaving Bangalore as Parvati is not traced nor her deceased son's secrecy. Before leaving he went to the orphanage once again to request Dr. Madhavi to inform him about Parvati if she gets any call from her. Just when he was talking to the doctor, a child falls down while playing with others and gets injured. Madhavi rushes towards him and applies spirit and bandage to his leg. Swamidass was sitting on the bench waiting for her return. In the mean time, Madhavi's mobile rings which was lying on the bench and Swamidass happens to see the caller's name as Parvati from Bangalore. Swamidass becomes angry at Madhavi knowing that she is aware of Parvati and talking to her daily, but hided the secret with him even after his requests. So, he bursts upon her and demands to tell him the whereabouts of Parvati or give her number. But, Madhavi tells him that she had promised Parvati and so could not give any information regarding her and asks him to go away from there. Swamidass warns her and tells her that he will trace out the number through other means and returns in a rage. (upto episode 600).

Dr. Madhavi informs Parvati about Swamidass noticing her name in the phone when she called her while she herself was engaged in dressing a wound of the child. Parvati tells that she can face any kind of situation and so no need to worry or be afraid of him. She further tells Madhavi that she had already told everything to Swamidass and nothing is left to be revealed to him. But, he himself needs some introspection to realise his follies and accept the truths instead of suspecting her character, if he wants her back in his life.

Rajyalakshmi meets the representatives of women organisations who narrate her about the pitiable condition of small school girls who are being ill treated by school staff by touching their bodies inhumanly. Rajyalakshmi gets shocked on hearing this and tells them to educate the girls regarding touch sensibility so that they can distinguish between what is good touch and what is bad touch. She asks them to arrange a meeting inviting all representatives of all schools of that area so that she can address them and give guidelines to them. She further tells that she will get some laws passed for imparting compulsory awareness and for inclusion of women staff in all school buses and in schools to take care of girl students in all aspects till their arrival at school to their return back to homes.

Rajyalakshmi gets much depressed after this meeting with the women leaders as she is missing both her mother as well as her mother-in-law who would have been of much guidance to her in each and every step. She wanted to get some temporary relief from this pain and requests Viren to take her on some outing to enjoy some moments in his company. But Viren does not like going with her as he feels it an insult to be referred to as Rajya Lakshmi's husband everywhere since she is famous as a great MP to all the public. He rejects her request ridiculing her. Veeraswamy heard Viren talking over phone to her and felt very sorry. But he can't tell anything to Viren in that condition. He simply advises Viren to go to the office and look after the business of his parents as that would be of much help to Swamidass. So, Viren begins attending office from that day itself.

Rajyalakshmi goes to Neelaveni to spend some time with her to get the relief. Neelaveni notices that Raju is worried about something and asks her to share her worries with her. Then Raju tells her about the change in Viren's behaviour since her becoming MP and about his ego coming in between their relationships. She tells that Viren would be happy and would begin to love her again if she quits the MP post and keeps in home as a housewife. Prithvi was preparing coffee to them and heard her words while coming out with the cups. He becomes angry and frustrated at her weakening emotions and angrily tells Rajyalakshmi to quit her MP post immediately and sit behind her husband, Viren. Neelu asks him why he is so much harsh at Raju. Prithvi tells that he hates people who are afraid of problems whereas the truth is that each one of us are born with pain since our birth itself. Rajyalakshmi understands his point and realises her mistake in succumbing temporarily to selfish feelings. She promises Prithvi that she will never again become weak in her ideals and goals. She will control her personal problems and always indulge in dedicating her life for the welfare of public.

Then, each of them feel relaxed and all the three friends- Prithvi, Raju and Neelaveni endorse their strong determination to do social work and eliminate all evils from the society. They decided to form a group and invite other like minded people also to join their group. (upto episode 602)